Peace of Mind vs. Progress: Choosing the Right Internet Marketer

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team


For the last few months I have been seeking the financial advice of friends and family. Most of these people had strong financial backgrounds (CPA’s, Heads of Households, etc). I did some financial research on my own on. I still couldn’t decide what to do with my cash flow.

One of my close friends kept probing me about the amount of money I wanted to work with. He offered me suggestions for strategies that were way out of my ball park. I just did not feel comfortable fully revealing my financial situation, whether good or bad.

So I decided to get some free consultations from banks. These people were helping me because their institution and their job depended on giving me great advice, acquiring my business and more importantly keeping it. I was also able to talk to them about my “Financial Pain”without feeling embarrassed.

The same thing goes for internet marketing. So many small business owners pay money to web masters within their sphere of friends and family, solely based on peace of mind. Do these people research your business? Are they competing with other internet marketers? Is this even their day job?

Of course a lot of these people create great looking websites and that’s what you asked for. But did you ask them to make you a website that will rank well, make you competitive in your industry and more importantly make you money? Are you willing to admit to them you have “internet marketing pain”?

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