Pay per call

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

Here’s a new and? interesting variation on pay-per-click marketing, the pay-per-call.

Kevin O’Keefe at Lexblog writes Lawyers use click to call and one happy lawyer who said,

“We’ve gotten about a dozen calls and half turned into cases. “I’m a believer. It fits my needs.”

The AP story cited reports:

“You’ve got a much better chance of closing a sale when you’re talking to them rather than having them look at your site and 10 other competitors’ sites,” Brady said. He estimated that he closes one sale for every 70 clicks but with pay-per-call, it’s one in three.

As a result, pay-per-call ads cost more. Barach said Ingenio’s average per-call charge is $7, compared with about 50 cents per click. Frasier, the lawyer in Tulsa, said he pays $10 per call.? Analysts say pay-per-call won’t replace pay-per-click, partly because it is much more expensive, but they say it will find a niche.

The Kelsey Group, a market-research firm based in Princeton, N.J., projects that pay-per-call will become a $1.4 billion to $4 billion industry by 2009.? That would roughly parallel the recent growth of pay-per-click advertising, which jumped from about $100 million in 2000 to $3.1 billion last year, according to Jupiter Research.