Patience is a Pay Per Click Virtue

By Kevin

Oftentimes when I first meet with a client, it is important for me to listen to them and find out goals they hope to achieve with their new Pay Per Click account. Pinpointing your overall goals is an important first step in constructing an account that will be in tune with your vision and lead to the the account’s success. The second step I take with a new client is explaining that PPC takes time.

PPC is a great way to get instant traffic to your site. However, to ensure quality traffic takes time. Once you create an account you have to allow the account to collect performance data. You cannot make any informed decisions until you actually let loose and experiment in the real world. What you might have predicted to be an instant success could just be too competitive and flop. On the other hand, you may find that one of your campaigns is doing extremely well and that you should increase your budget and build out your keyword universe.

I like to watch an account for a full month, making small adjustments along the way. Once you have a full month of account performance data, you can make well informed decisions. Each PPC program has an array of reporting that you can use to analyze your account’s performance right down to the keyword level. This should help give you insight into where you should focus your budget as well as assist you in identifying trouble areas. It doesn’t stop there either. PPC is a continuous process that needs to be refined on a constant basis. Most people mistakenly perceive it as a set-it and forget-it marketing technique, and that’s what leads to their downfall.

The beautiful thing about PPC is that the reward is great if you put the time and effort into the process. I have seen clients use PPC to generate up to 50% of their sales. The trick is to have the patience. No two accounts are alike and you need to spend the time to research and develop your campaigns to your needs. If you do that your patience will be rewarded. With revenue!