Patience in Your Relationship with PPC – PPC Tuesday

By Kevin


While Valentine’s day has come and gone I thought I would take a moment and apply a little of the love from the day into my topic for today.

Like a relationship, PPC requires a lot of hard work and time. So it is necessary for e-commerce owners to have a little patience with their PPC accounts and campaigns. It is easy to make quick decisions after a week of time with some campaigns but in the long run you may end up hurting your overall performance. The more time you allow a campaign to run the stronger your chances are to learn what works and what doesn’t.

As in any relationship you can’t rest on your laurels and think that past successes will be enough to get you through. You have to put in the work in order to make sure the future is better than your past.

Striking this balance will allow you to turn PPC into a profitable marketing channel for your business.

In the beginning of any relationship there is a certain amount of time where you are testing boundaries and seeing if you are compatible.

PPC is requires that same investment in order to determine if it’s right for you and your business. As my colleague Chris likes to say “Trends are our Friends”. In PPC you need to allow the campaigns to run long enough to gather real performance data. This will allow you to see the landscape of PPC for your market and where you will rank with your account.

From here you are able to identify costly keywords and experiment with different match types for them as well as bidding keywords up or down for proper ad positioning. Also, by running reports like a Search Query report you can then identify real searches performed by users that brought them to your site. This allows you to expand your keyword universe as well as identify possible negative keywords that you deem irrelevant. Again though, time is needed. When you launch a new campaign Search Query data is not available until enough search volume has been obtained to show you results.

You also need time in order to test your ads and their value adds. If you are doing A/B testing with different value offerings you will need to allow enough traffic to view your ads as well as completing the sales process in order for you to gather enough performance data to justify pausing a particular ad. It is also important to review the landing pages that you are pointing your ads to and decide if they are the best possible pages on your site to increase your conversion rates.

Like all relationships there will be some sacrifice on your part. In PPC the sacrifices are two fold. The first being your investment. After all it is pay per click and it will require you to fund the account while you are gathering data. The second is time and goes hand in hand with the first part. The longer you wait with an account the greater your monetary investment becomes. Everyone has their limits and it is an individual decision on when decide to pause campaigns, keywords, and ad groups.

It is here, like love, that PPC is a leap of faith in the beginning. If you move away from a campaign too soon you may end up ruining a potential good thing. Pay Per Click and all of it’s intricacies takes time in order to get it right. There may be missteps along the way but if you stick with it and have the patience and time to put the work into it you will be rewarded.

When it comes to our clients we like to set expectations that we will need time to gauge whether a campaign will be successful or not. While we may tweak keyword match types and bids as mentioned on the previous slide we stress that the first month is vital for performance data. From there we are then able to make bigger strokes in the account in an effort to turn the account in a positive direction in the coming months. The more data that we are able to gather the greater our ability becomes to identify trends, opportunities, as well as problem areas to address.

It is not something to start if you don’t have the time to invest or the ability to have an agency help with the management. The best relationships have some ups and downs but if you dedicate yourself to making it work you can make PPC become a perfect “exact match” for your business.