21 Pandas Now Confirmed Released


On November 5th Google confirmed but did not announce an update to Panda. This effected approximately 1.1% of US websites. But, as Exclusive Concept’s director of SEO, Adria Kyne, says below, it was no big deal:

“Unlike other kinds of algorithm changes, Panda updates do not significantly change the criteria by which Google ranks sites. Panda updates represent the periodic incorporation of new data into the Panda ranking factor.

We’re not seeing negative impact among our clients, because we’ve been working with them to improve the kinds of content issues that result in Panda penalties. We are seeing positive impact, however, for folks who were previously penalized and have addressed those issues. With the new Panda update, Google has noticed and rewarded the improved quality of their site content.”

This update represents the 21st Panda update.

So, stay calm, and carry on.


Image courtesy J. F. Hoffman.