Page Hierarchy – Conversion Wednesday

By Chris C.


In my previous two entries, I have covered the importance of your primary actions and other elements to consider while supporting them on each page. The next step is to put those elements into a hierarchy for each page of your site.

Your page hierarchy should list the elements of each page in order of importance.

Start with your primary action and the first important element. Then, identify possible supporting elements in order of your hypothesis. Go through and list them in order of importance to your customer.

To help you with your lists, here is a review list of possible supporting items from my last post:

  • In Stock / Out of Stock messaging
  • Shipping (rates, delivery time, etc)
  • Pricing
  • Selection
  • Ratings/reviews
  • Promotions
  • Payment Options

Trying to organize a list of elements like this can be difficult because it will raise a lot of questions, such as:

  • Which of these elements do your customers need to know before they click on your primary action?
  • Are product details or customer reviews more important to my customers?
  • What are my shipping rates and does that help influence customers to buy from me?
  • Is more products on my category pages better than fewer products with more details?

As you can see, it’s entirely possible to come up with a whole bunch of different possible page hierarchies!

Once you have a few different page hierarchies that make sense, test them against your current site to see which of these works better!

Each of your page hierarchy’s are set up under a different hypothesis. You think your customers might like this more than another supporting element.
Testing these hypothesis’ against one another helps the page you are working on AND teaches your more about your customers!

There is always something that you can improve on your site and this exercise helps you identify the biggest questions (or misconceptions) you have about your customers. Answering these questions can be very enlightening and open up door for more improvement.