Outlook 2007 Won’t Display Your Newsletter!


For reasons known only to Microsoft (actually they have an explanation but it’s weak) they have decided to substitute the Word 2007 HTML “engine?? for the Internet Explorer HTML version that they previously used.

The technical impact? As Microsoft states on the page explaining this change:

“Word 2007 supports a subset of the standard HTML 4.01 specification and of the Internet Explorer 6.0 HTML specification. Word 2007 also supports a subset of the standard Cascading Stylesheet Specification, Level 1. Word 2007 uses HTML elements that support a subset of the Word 2007 cascading style sheets properties.??

The business impact: Emails that you have been sending out will not display properly. Exactly what does that mean? You can see a sample from our own newsletter.

The first image is the way the newsletter would appear in the previous version of Outlook.

The second image shows the way it looks in Outlook 2007.

This final image is a new design we’ve just implemented. This newsletter will display properly in Outlook 2007 and improves on the overall look.

What can you do?
You have to modify your newsletter templates so they will display properly in Outlook 2007. We’ve been getting many requests to do that by our clients. If you have a need contact 781-810-9107

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