Optimizing Your Site’s Search Design – Conversion Wednesday

By Dan G

Here are a few tips to Spruce Up Your Internal Search Design!

Intro to Search Design

A website’s search box is fundamental to helping customers find products on your site. So the way you design it can be a major factor in your site’s conversion rate and customer satisfaction.

A leading site search provider, SLI Systems, recently said that 43 percent of site visitors use search to navigate and find products. And FindWise, another site-search consulting firm, estimated that the number of visitors using site search was really about 50 percent.

So it’s a no-brainer that site search can have a significant impact on sales. Designing to offer great search results may help merchants sell more and increase a successful navigation rate.

3 Tips for a Better Search

Here are 3 suggestions to optimize your site search:

  1. Make Search Fields Larger and more Readable
  2. Use a Brighter “Action” Color for your Search Button
  3. Include Results from Reviews and Social Media

Tip #1) Make Search Fields Larger and More Readable

Web Design Expert Jacob Nielsen once said, “search is the user’s lifeline for mastering complex websites.” Have you ever visited a website with complex navigation and resorted to just using the search box to find what you were looking for? If Online Retailers were wise, instead of hiding there search boxes, they would emphasize it and make it an important part of each page’s layout.

And to emphasize your search you could simply make it span the width of your page, have prepopulated attention-grabbing text in it, or position it in a prime location on your webpages.

Tip #2) Use a Brighter “Action” Color for your Search Button

Another way to emphasize your search is to simply make your search button a bright “action” color. Something that will make it stand out from the rest of the webpage. A common practice is to make all of your “action buttons” like your add-to-cart buttons and checkout buttons all the same bright color to keep your action items consistent for the user.

Tip #3) Include Results from Reviews & Social Media

Another way to improve your search is to provide Social Media and Product Reviews. Adding this kind of social aspect to your search helps build trust, engages customers more personally, and increases conversion rates. Some stores even allow users to sort search results by Facebook Likes. Including content from reviewers and social media sites on search results pages or even in search facets can have a dramatic effect on your search rates and ultimately conversion rates.


So there you have it. Now you have 3 points of advice for the search bar on your site. Remember, Search is a powerful conversion tool for ecommerce stores, and designing it to be corner stone of your site can have a profound and successful impact if used correctly.

If you would like learn more about Exclusive Concepts and what we can do to give your ecommerce site a few optimizations or help you optimize your search bar. Consider asking us for a free audit to help you out! We can comb your site and pick out all of the major outlying issues. And then offer to repair them or optimize your site with specific tests, and then procure and analyze the change’s overall effect, and present you with the winning changes. It’s that easy!

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