Optimizing Websites for Conversion

By Herb

Whether you want to increase your ecommerce site’s sales, the leads you get from your B2B site or the productivity of your internet marketing campaigns, the single most valuable tactic you can employ is conversion optimization.

As a result, conversion optimization audits have become extremely important. Let’s look at 2 tactics used on 2 sites, LiveLeanToday.com and SecretDivorce.com to reduce home page abandonment rates. You can use these same concepts on your own site to increase conversions.

1. Add and emphasize a “Beg for Click” (BFC)

An ecommerce homepage has approximately 2-3 seconds to create interest (i.e. begin a sale). A click called a “Beg For Click” will get the visitor past the homepage & down a path designed to complete an action. If there aren’t clear BFC’s, then the visitor has to define their own path, often not resulting in the action you desire. Without a highly visible and effective BFC your abandonment rate will be much higher. Effective BFC’s are typically well above the fold and invite a clear call to action.

2. Add a coupon or Discount as an incentive

Visitors to an ecommerce site will typically not buy on the first visit. By adding a BFC in the form of an incentive or discount, first time buyers will be prompted to click, while return visitors will be more likely to make the purchase to take advantage of a (possibly) short-lived oppoprtunity to save money. Your click thru conversions should increase almost immediately.

To illustrate:

LiveLean Home Page Before (click picture to enlarge)

LiveLean Home Page After Optimization (click picture to enlarge)

LiveLean Home Page with “overlay”. Beg for Click = Green, Discount Coupon = Blue (click picture to enlarge)

SecretDivorce.com Home Page Before (click picture to enlarge)

SecretDivorce Conversion Optimized Home Page (click picture to enlarge)

SecretDivorce Optimized Home Page with Overlay, Beg for Click = Green, Discount Coupon = Blue (click picture to enlarge)

Do these tactics work?
We’ve seen conversion improvements that range from 200% to 400%. Are you guaranteed to get these kinds of results? It depends on how many of these conversion best practices your site already employs. In fact, it’s not just whether you have these features that determines the results, it’s where they’re placed that can make a huge difference.

If you’re interested in finding out how to improve your site’s conversion performance give us a call. You’ll be amazed at how good an investment a conversion optimization audit can be.