Online Lead Generation – Here’s what works

By Herb

MarketingSherpa recently published a real-world case study of online lead generation tactics. The Director of Online Marketing at Omniture, Mikel Chertudi, did extensive testing to determine what online lead generation tactics produced the best results. The article and samples are here, but open access is limited so the link may be blocked soon.

In case you can’t read the article here are the major takeaways:

For banner ads:
– Relevant real-life images beat stock photos (by a lot). For example, instead of stock photographs use pictures of the webinar presenters.
– Ultra-short ALL CAPS copy works best.
– Buttons work better than text-links. A button with DOWNLOAD NOW was three times more productive than a text link “Download the success kit”

Landing Pages:
This is Major; Don’t use landing pages that look like a typical page on your website!
– Respondants are twice as likely to convert on a page that looks like it’s 100% landing page and isolated from other pages. They want the landing page to be consistent with the banner or ad creative that took them there.
– Fewer columns work better
– Images of the offer improve results over generic images
– Phone numbers, email addresses and “extraneous” links reduce results.
– Longer, more detailed copy works better.
– Keep the registration form short. Extra questions won’t reduce results as long as they are not required.

Bottom line: Use short copy on your ads, relevant images everywhere, provide consistent design from click to form to thank-you, and make the registration form short and the landing page copy long.