Offline Tools for PPC – PPC Tuesday

By Kevin


Today’s date is Tuesday July 20th and my name is Kevin. Today we will be looking at Offline Tools for PPC

This is quite a relevant topic these days in the PPC world and one that I think you will find useful. As we have discussed in previous PPC Tuesday posts, Yahoo! and Bing are going through with their merger and they have begun to reach out to Yahoo! Search account holders to prepare for the move over to adCenter.

For those that do not yet have an adCenter account I would like to take today to show you the most efficient way to get your new account set-up and running. Yahoo! is offering help in transitioning their campaigns over to adCenter but I feel that using your AdWords account will be much more effective. The reason being that as many of us know Yahoo! Search uses Advanced and Standard match types for keywords while Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter use the standard Broad, Phrase, and Exact match types for keywords.

By using the Yahoo! campaign structure for your transition you will have to make sure to add spelling variations, plurals, and other variations on keywords that Yahoo! automatically included within their Advanced match type. These variations are all present in your AdWords account so it makes sense to use that as your foundation for your new adCenter account.

So let’s show you the how by utilizing AdWords Editor and adCenter’s Desktop that you can quickly transfer your fine-tuned AdWords account over to adCenter.

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First, if you do not have either AdWords Editor or Microsoft adCenter you will need to download them. In AdWords you will want to login to your account and select the Opportunities tab. From there you will want to select More Tools from the left hand side navigation. You will then see an option to Download AdWords Editor. Simply follow the Set-Up Wizard and you will be all set.

Microsoft adCenter is similar in set-up. You will need to create an account first but once you have done so and logged in you will be brought to your account’s dashboard page from there you can scroll down to the bottom and download adCenter Desktop. Again you will be prompted by a set-up wizard and soon have another PPC tool in your tool box.

Well now that you have them what’s next? The first step will be to open up AdWords Editor and download your account by signing in using your Account User name and password. Once you have your account downloaded you can then export your account in CSV form. Google gives you the option of exporting your whole account or selecting specific campaigns and ad groups. Once you have exported the campaigns be sure to save the file somewhere easily accessible.

Now you will need to open your adCenter Desktop account and when prompted sign in using your adCenter username and password. Once you are logged into your adCenter Desktop account you will see an option to Import Campaign Data. Once you have selected this option The Import wizard will ask you if you wish to import campaign data from other online advertising programs. For this example you will select the “Import from Google” Option.

Next you will select the file that you had downloaded from AdWords Editor and then select the Next button. You will then be prompted to Map your data, in other words you now have the opportunity to select which fields you wish to carry over from your AdWords account. Once you are finished mapping your data columns you will then click the next button. adCenter Desktop will then convert the CSV file into adCenter campaigns. It is important to note that while adCenter Desktop has been making improvements to the tool that you may find yourself having to make adjustments to your ads or keywords in order to comply with adCenter advertising guidelines. They do a great job of listing the errors and usually editing text ads to fit their requirements or adjusting keywords and their bids.

Once you have made these adjustments you will be ready to Sync your adCenter Desktop campaigns to your adCenter account. adCenter will then let you know if there may have been errors during the upload process and again they give you direction in how to correct these errors.

You will now have your new adCenter account ready to go with the Yahoo!/Microsoft transition! This is process can be difficult with larger accounts because you will have to mindful of any editorial changes that may need to be tweaked when converting from AdWords to adCenter. This is something that the PPC team here at Exclusive Concepts is performing for our clients and have already begun the early stages in order to stay ahead of the curve.

That’s going to wrap up today’s Daily Concept. I hope that you found it useful and that it can aid you with the Yahoo!/Microsoft transition period.

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Thanks for watching and have a great day!