NYT buys About.com

By Herb

Such old news that it doesn’t even deserve a link, but the effects of this could run pretty strongly through through SEO world. It seemed as if it were just another pre-bubble “30xEBITDA and no one blinks an eye” silicon tulip purchase, but while I was doing some search engine optimization research as part of a client’s online marketing efforts today, I realized that one of the most often competing sites we run up against is About.com. Today it was for a large paintball company, but invariably, we butt heads on a weekly basis for either first, second, or tenth place rankings on various search phrases.

With the NY Times muscle behind it, we could be butting heads on a daily basis. It could also raise the bar for thousands of companies who haven’t done much search engine optimization or online marketing to start doing it because they’ll be competing constantly with the battleship that is the NY Times.