Not all links are equal

By Herb

Search engines view links to your site as “votes” and and give much weight to these inbound links when they determine your sites position in the rankings.

It goes without saying that not all links are created equal. Back in the day, you could get away with trading reciprocal links like crazy to secure top spots in Google, MSN and Yahoo.

Today, that’s no longer the case. Search engines can detect these reciprocal link building schemes and have devalued them. Reciprocal links aren’t necessarily bad but they aren’t good enough.

You know from your own experience that websites that are linked to from other high quality, authoritative sites are likely to be more meaningful and valuable. Search engines are looking for the same thing.

Successful link building is based on inbound links from quality websites that are popular, authoritative, and relevant to your site Other issues like link anchor text, surrounding copy, acquisition rate, number on a page, and semantic relationship all have impact.

Link building has evolved into an art form. It can neither be too contrived or abstract. If you are interested in improving your sites search ranking then consider a quality link building service. Contact Exclusive Concepts at 781-810-9107 and we’ll explain how we can help.