New Remarketing Tags – PPC Tuesday

By Matthew
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Have you Heard? Two new Google Remarketing Formats have been Introduced!


Friday was a very busy day for Google, as two new remarketing formats were introduced. The first format allows advertisers to create one remarketing tag in AdWords that can be used for all lists. The second format requires an update to a site’s Google Analytics code which will enable remarketing. Both updates are extremely exciting as the next generation of remarketing is here.

One Remarketing Tag

Remarketing works by adding a cope snippet to a specific page or set of pages. For example, say I sell footwear and I want to setup a remarketing list around those visitors who view blue shoes. I would create a “blue shoes” remarketing audience and put this code on the applicable pages. Let’s say I also want to create a remarketing list around those visitors who view red shoes. I would need to create another remarketing audience and put this code on “red shoe” pages. I now have my remarketing audiences setup, but I’ve implemented two different codes.

With the new format, I only have to implement one single remarketing code across my site, no matter how many audiences I create. Audiences are now based upon URL filters, very similarly to the filters you can use in Excel. I could define my “blue shoes” audience as any URL that contains “blue-shoes” in the string. Thus, I’m able to create multiple remarketing lists while only utilizing one code. This update will cut down on development time and make lists easier to manage.

Remarketing with Google Analytics

The second format is remarketing with Google Analytics. This feature helps you create remarketing lists based on audiences from Google Analytics. For example, I can create a remarketing audience around visitors who spend at least three minutes on my site.  Or, I could create an audience around those visitors who checked out a specific page and then performed a specific action. By remarketing with Google Analytics, you can target specific user behavior and craft custom ads.

To enable remarketing with Google Analytics, you’ll have to adjust your analytics code by replacing a line of text. The instructions for this replacement can be found here:

Additionally, Google strongly recommends updating your privacy policy:

The Sky’s The Limit

These new remarketing formats are very significant as retargeting becomes easier and more efficient to conduct. The single code snippets will help to eliminate confusion between advertisers and developers (as fewer snippets will be used). Additionally, audiences have the potential to be much better defined. Instead of targeting sections, we can now advertise to visitors who take specific actions. At Exclusive Concepts, we are extremely excited to run these new remarketing formats.