New Google Shopping Features: Optimizing Ad Formats for Mobile

By Logan Durant
TOPICSGoogle, Mobile, Product Ads

In addition to the Google Buy Button (officially coined “Purchases on Google”), Google has announced new mobile ad features for Google Shopping that should improve user experience and increase click-through rates.

1) Swipe To Expand – This feature automatically expands Google Shopping ads when a user swipes the ad carousel on a mobile phone. It’s a nice touch, allowing Shopping ads to take up more real estate and give the searcher more pre-click information about the product.


Photo Credit: Google Adwords Blog

2) Product Ranking/Rating Ad Cards – For search queries including phrases like “best,” “reviews,” or “recommendations,” Google is going to show a new ad unit that uses product ratings and reviews to display the most relevant products to consumers. For example, if you search for “best women’s Nike running shoes,” Google will display products that are stack-ranked based on average star ratings. Google is also making use of qualitative review snippets to give searchers more pre-click information, saving them time (while merchants save money) on unqualified clicks.

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Photo Credit: Google Adwords Blog

3) Deep Links into Mobile Apps – This doesn’t impact most ecommerce merchants, but for the big guys like eBay and others, Google now allows a product link to direct the searcher right to the product page within their mobile app. Big merchants are already rejoicing, I’m sure.

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Another small change to note is that Google is giving more emphasis to Local Inventory Ads on Google Shopping. If you have a brick and mortar store, it’s important to create a local inventory feed for shoppers who are looking to buy a product locally. For search queries including phrases like “near me,” Google will give the top spots to local inventory product feeds, so be sure you have one if you own a physical storefront.

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Photo Credit: Google Adwords Blog

What do all of these updates have in common? They all affect mobile ad units. Google is investing heavily in the optimization and improvement of their mobile ad units. They’re hoping to capitalize on mobile search the same way they have for desktop/laptop queries, and this is good news for ecommerce merchants. With any luck, all of these improvements will lead to more relevant search results, better quality traffic, and ultimately more mobile revenue for merchants. Everyone is investing in improving the mobile ecommerce experience right now, and it’s nice to see Google stepping up to the plate with big ideas like Purchases on Google, and smaller improvements like Swipe To Expand on Shopping Ads.