New AdWords Text Ad Format – PPC Tuesday

By Kevin


In recent weeks many people have started to notice some changes to the way top spot PPC ads in Google have been displayed.

Google has begun to format the ads differently in an effort to reward the top bidding advertisers. They are doing so by pulling the first line of ad copy into the headline. This has really been causing some excitement with advertisers as it truly stands out from the competition and more closely resembles an organic result to the user within the SERP.

This does however require advertisers to pay attention to one important detail in order to take advantage of this feature, punctuation. The first line of your ad copy will need to have a period, question mark or exclamation point at the end of line one in order to be pulled up to the headline.

If no punctuation or a comma is used the first and second line are combined as in the past.

Sound like something you would like to try out with your own AdWords ads? Let’s use the ad preview tool to help us see how our ads will look with this new feature.

You will want to go into the Ads tab within your PPC Ad Group. You will want to select to create a new Text Ad. You will then open the New Ad fields and to the right of the text boxes you will now see a preview of how your ad will be shown as a side ad as well as a top ad.

Notice here that Line 1 does not have any punctuation and therefore is defaulted to one line of ad text in the Top Ad preview.

Now if we were to utilize the same ad but simply add a period after “Prices” you will now see Line 1 pulled up into the Headline of the ad for the Top Ad preview.

It’s that easy to do! Of course make sure once the ad is written the way you would like be sure to save your ad.

Google has been busy as of late announcing new features for AdWords at a rapid pace. This is exciting as the possibilities are endless. Outside factors such as video, product feeds, and more are finding their way into AdWords ads.

2011 looks to be as big of a year if not bigger for paid search and we here at Exclusive Concepts couldn’t be more excited!