New AdWords Network Settings – PPC Tuesday

By Matthew
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What do the new AdWords targeting options mean for you? Find out!

Adwords Icons?

Within the last week you may have noticed icons appearing next to your AdWords campaigns.

These icons represent which networks your campaigns are opted into. The magnifying glass shows a Search Network only campaign where your ads show on Google search and search partners. An icon with a folder split into three sections means the campaign is opted into Google’s Display Network. Finally, an icon with a folder split into two sections represents that your campaign is opted into both Search and Display. Theoretically, you should never see the third icon as individual campaigns should be opted into either Search or Display, but not both. The benefit of these icons is the ability to quickly see which network each campaign is opted into without having to view the settings.

Campaign Type Updated

However, when you do go into the settings you will notice the campaign type option has been updated.

All three campaign types now include further refinement options for targeting. For example, with Search Network only campaigns you can target “All Features,” “Standard Features” or just “Product Listing Ads.”

“All Features” Option

The “All Features” option is what we are all used to now. This option allows you to utilize every feature, including ad extensions, location targeting and bidding methods. The “Standard” option is for the more novice advertiser as it allows basic text ad creation without many of the additional AdWords features. The “Product Listing Ads” option allows you to strictly run your PLAs based off your Google Merchant Center feed. At Exclusive Concepts, we already segment our PLA campaigns so this update provides great insight for someone viewing the account.

Display Network campaigns now also include more options as you can target “Mobile Apps” and “Remarketing.” By choosing the “Mobile Apps” option you can target your ads on the Google/AdMob network of mobile apps. With “Remarketing,” you target only those visitors who have already come to your site. Again, the “All Features” option is what we are all currently used to.

Targeting Options

Interestingly, Google doesn’t recommend these more in-depth targeting options. The most likely reason is to make sure ads get the most visibility. Targeting all features in both Search and Display is fine, but the more you segment the more you can control your costs.

If you would like to read more about these new targeting options please check out the AdWords Help Center:

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