The Must-Have Triggers for Online Retailer Campaigns

By Stacy Ward
TOPICSEmail Marketing

What is a trigger campaign?

Simply put, a trigger campaign is an email message that is automatically sent in response to an action. For example, a potential customer receives an email because they have signed up to your store mailing list. Or a current subscriber receives a “We miss you” email because they have not clicked or opened your store email in a specific period of time.

Why triggers are important

Triggers are timely and informative. They build brand loyalty and encourage customers to “choose you” when it’s time to make a purchase. A well-thought-out trigger campaign increases customer engagement, driving more revenue to your site. They nurture existing customers and increase the chances of a new customer making a purchase. Trigger campaigns are relatively easy to set-up, and once they’re launched, you don’t need to schedule sends. They are programmed to work off of an action set into play by the customer or prospect. This affords you more free time to concentrate on bigger agenda items, including your weekly email campaigns.

There are many types of trigger campaigns that you can set up for your subscriber list.  Two extremely important triggers that no business owner should go without are Welcome Campaigns and Cart Recovery Campaigns.

About Two Vital Campaign Types

At some point, we have all signed up to receive a website’s newsletter.  Many times we receive a welcome email campaign thanking us for registering. For many customers a welcome email is their first experience of engagement. These types of campaigns are good form of etiquette and subscribers have come to expect them. Furthermore, a professionally designed email can impress a potential buyer, and be the simple push they need to return to your site and buy. Business owners often entice customers with a special discount; a thank you for signing up to their subscriber list. Although a coupon is a great way to increase your chance of a sale, they are not necessary for this type of campaign. The main purpose is to introduce your newsletter and website to the subscriber. Rather, these emails are a chance to show the products you sell and familiarize prospects to the types of campaigns they will be receiving. Welcome campaigns are first and foremost a must-have when setting up any website email campaign program.

A customer has 10 free minutes to jump online to do a little shopping. What happens? Phones ring, kids cry and every day interruptions pull them from their shopping experience and force them back into the real world. Shoppers quickly forget about the item they were about to purchase. Luckily for you — and your online retail store — a trigger campaign has been set up and a cart abandonment email has been sent directly to their inbox reminding them of the item they were about to purchase. Statistics show that more than 67% of shoppers abandon cart before completing the purchase. This causes retailers to lose billions in sales annually. Many of our clients capture back that lost revenue by setting up cart recovery campaigns.  These campaigns act as a powerful reminder to potential customers that their item is waiting. These emails should reinforce to the customer that the checkout process can be quickly completed. And possibly offer them an added discount to complete the purchase.  These campaigns are a compelling incentive for subscribers to checkout, and for retailers, to recover lost sales.

Statistics show that more than 67% of shoppers abandon cart before completing the purchase.

Now more than ever, it’s important to stay ahead of the competition.  Trigger campaigns are a competitive advantage that’s relatively easy to attain and effective in practice. Implementing these types of techniques for your online store will help increase sales, traffic and overall engagement.