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My name is Chris and today is PPC Tuesday.

Last week on PPC Tuesday, my colleague Kevin showed an easy way to move a build from Google AdWords to MSN’s adCenter in anticipation of the migration in the coming weeks. If you missed it, be sure to go check it out.

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This week we are going to continue our focus on MSN’s PPC offerings and dive into the tools they have developed. While Kevin covered the biggest tool in their arsenal, the AdCenter Desktop tool, there are many other ones that give different points of insight.

Data is power, and by utilizing tools from a range of different providers, you can get a better picture of how your market is shaped, and how you are positioned within it.

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Microsoft has long fostered insight tools through their development center: AdCenter Labs. This is where ideas are tried, tested, and released for public use, relying on user feedback to refine and better their delivery.

Some of the best ideas from here have graduated to adCenter. Others have been retired, while some still exist but seem to be outdated.

The tools here are classified in 4 sections:

  • Audience Intelligence
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Analysis
  • Video & Interactive Media

There are 21 tools listed in the labs. I won’t go into all of them here, but highlight the most useful ones I find handy in my day to day account management and research.

In terms of Keyword research there are two tools that are pretty helpful, including Keyword Group Detection, which finds terms related to a keyword you enter. There is also a keyword Mutation tool, which recognizes misspellings for terms. These can both be used when building out a keyword list, or when you are trying to expand your visibility for certain terms. There is also a tool for investigating acronyms, and their different possible meanings, and an English to French keyword mapping tool.

MSN tools can also give you insight into how your pages are perceived. The Site & Product Categorization tools can show you how your site and inventory is categorized. There is also the Commercial Intent tool that measure the intent of a site or page. The best analysis tool comes from the Ad Text Writer. You can put in a URL and it will come up with automated ad copy based upon page language. Now the ads won’t win any awards, but they can provide inspiration when you are trying to find relevant language to use in your ad.

The last tool I wanted to touch upon graduated from adCenter Labs, but can be download when you go to It is an add-in for Microsoft Excel, giving you a range of insight in tools that can be leveraged with a keyword list, that leverages the scalability of Excel.

While there is a lot of insight to be gained from the tools, there are some drawbacks as well. Though they are available to the public, they are not highly supported, and sometimes you come across some instances where the data does not seem as fresh. For example the Keyword Forecast tool predicts into 2007’s 4th quarter and does not show any data into 2008 and beyond. With all that has happened in search between then and now, the tool is left obsolete.

On the whole many of the tools are helpful, and help you look at specific data from a variety of angles.

To see all of the tools in adCenter labs, go to:

I hope this video has been helpful!

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