Money, Jobs and blogs

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

There’s so much going on, I’m just going to give you good links today.

Yahoo adds more original content and its stock rises. Adding to its original commentary in sports, Yahoo is hiring authors of financial best-sellers to provide original insights into finance. David Bach, Kenn Syctwald, Suze Orman, Daniel Pink, and Ben Stein are among the featured writers.

Jobster Network Integrates Job Search Engine finally integrating’s technology and making it the Friendster of job hunting.

TV Creates Awareness, Web Influences Behavior is the consensus of the experts at Media magazine’s 2006 forecast.

A recent Intelliseek and Forrester survey underscores that. Consumer-generated Media exceeds traditional advertising for influencing purchase behavior. Consumers 50% more likely to be influence by WOM than radio/TV ads.

In England, Shoppers use blogs for bargains. 77% said they consulted blogs before shopping.