adds PPC Auction Service – So What?

By Herb
FacebookTwitterLinkedInShare, a second-tier (currently), search engine just added a little variety to their advertising options. Big front-page news, eh? No, not really because they’re so small that they are not a “must use” engine.

The only engines that PPC marketers must use are still Google and Overture as far as exposure goes. They cover 90% of the online world of PPC, and uploading and writing ads for all of the other tiny services isn’t any easier or faster than writing ads for Google and Overture. More importantly, it’s often less ROI effective.

One huge question most of our customers ask us is: are you going to put me on every search engine on the web? We always answer with a no. Most of the smaller engines tend to have extremely bad ROI. We have enough knowledge built up about them that we know what sells on each of them.

For example, is great at pushing items that are small enough to be impulse buys so we might use it for advertising an E-book or other downloadables. Other engines like Looksmart or portals have their niches, too. Knowing the demographic of the searchers is key. If you’re advertising technology you *have* to use Google. If you’re advertising consumer products, then you *have* to focus extra energy on Overture. Be ready to test new venues, but don’t waste time by not knowing where the best places are.