Making Value Propositions Effective – SEO Monday



When writing a title tag, meta description and content, it’s best to have at least one or two value propositions in the title and description and then have it reinforced or elaborated on in the content if possible. First of all, you probably already have an idea of what your ecommerce store’s basic value propositions are – whether it’s fast shipping, low prices or excellent customer service. These are all very important to include, especially in the title tag or description, but what are you going to do with the rest of your character space?

As many business owners know, it’s not just the rankings that play a major role in shoppers finding your site, it’s the click through rates as well. So, when a webpage of yours surfaces for something a shopper is looking for, you better have a good meta description to encourage them to enter. You have to make those 150-200 characters count!

When writing your meta description, think of your audience. Why are they going to buy from your site and not someone else’s? So many ecommerce stores have fast shipping and “affordable” prices, but what can you give them that a competitor can’t? A lot of times, with their meta descriptions, online stores are really great at telling their audience all of the features of their product, but end up forgetting the benefits of it that ultimately make the shopper buy. What comparison shoppers ultimately want to hear about are the end results. And also remember that sounding like your brand – even in your description – is important. It creates a continuity flow that travels from the search engine through to your website.

It’s best to be best-in-class. You don’t have to sell luxury items and the most expensive, high-end product to be the best. There’s a certain audience for every category of product and yours just has to be the best in what it promises to be the best at. For example, if someone is shopping for an economy car, and the features she needs are good gas mileage, a roomy trunk and a reputation for minimal upkeep, the car doesn’t need to compete with a Porsche, it just needs to offer or emphasize something else that other economy cars don’t have.

Once the customer has clicked into your site, along with other things, you must use your content to persuade the customer to buy from you. It’s important that your copy reinforces what they saw in your title tag and meta description to create a conversion.