Make Customers Think Now – Conversion Wednesday

By Chris C.


Today I’m going to discuss how to get your customers to think right now instead of tomorrow, or later next week, or whenever they feel like it…

The goal is to increase conversion rates on your site.

The general way of doing this is to remove distractions to highlight the primary actions on the page. This also helps reduce decisions and keep the visitor focused on a couple of options.

Basically, your visitors don’t like to think. Your website isn’t a puzzle to be solved, it’s something that should come naturally. We don’t purposefully make complex, difficult-to-navigate websites. We constantly try to improve our sites so we can improve our business. Testing is an important, on-going process that helps with all of this.

But, what if you could force your customers to think regardless of how easy or complex your website is?

Get your customers to think now with two steps:

  • Increase motivation (offer a coupon or incentive)
  • Limit the time available to use that coupon

The trick is to limit the time they have to use your motivating offer. This is why Black Friday is such a huge retail day: you only get the deals on that weekend. The same goes for Cyber Monday: again, you only get these deals on one day of the year.

Limiting the time that an incentive is available to a customer forces them to think about the decisions required to make a purchase before the incentive is gone.

Our Time2Buy tool offers a discount incentive to motivate customers. It also limits the time available for them to use this discount so they have to make buying decisions right now!

You get to pick what percentage of discount you want to offer AND how much time they have to use the discount.

While you are optimizing your website with strategic changes, this helps get visitors to work through your site no matter what stage of the optimization process you are on!