Lousy Websites and the new Nepotism

By Scott

Two weeks ago I highlighted Clarissa’s article on email productivity that appeared in the Boston Herald’s Women’s Business section (see link). This week, another friend and colleague, Don Kaplan, has earned a tip of that as well for his latest article in the Boston Business Journal.

Don’s article, “Lousy Websites and the new Nepotism,?? really strikes a chord with me. He talks about poorly designed websites that afflict small and large companies alike. The culprit? It’s “My Wife’s Nephew?? according to Don. Who exactly is “My Wife’s Nephew??? It’s everyone from the marketing director who thinks he/she understands the intricacies of web expression, to, of course, the nephew of your wife.

Personally, I’ve seen it all, and it has affected companies of all sizes. Companies will spend anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 on a radio campaign to bring in new business without blinking an eye, but too often they’ll take short-cuts on their websites and search engine rankings. In effect, they are paying lots of money to bring people to a “lousy?? website.

Check out the article here.