Lessons Learned from the SEO Contest – Part 1: Speed of Indexing

By Scott

The new SEO contest launched Sunday (see here), where many SEO experts (and aspiring experts) try to garner high placement for a made-up keyword phrase (v7ndotcom Elursrebmem) that previously had no results.

One of the bi-products of this contest is that we’ll be able to learn things about how the search engines work, at least in a vacuum. Over the next four months that this contest runs, I’ll make short posts from time to time that catalog my observations.

Keep in mind, these observations are anecdotal.

Here is the first one… How long does it take to get placement in the search engines, and which search engines rank you faster?

– The contest started yesterday, and Google quickly indexed 10 sites in the same day. Blogs, forums, and sites submitted to Google Base seemed to get picked up the fastest (almost all of them fit in those categories).

– Yahoo and MSN had no results yesterday, but here are the results as of today:

Google: Still only indexing 10 sites
Yahoo: 71 sites indexed!
MSN: 0 sites indexed

In the end, while Yahoo was slow to start, it was the most comprehensive on day 2… and Google was the only one who picked up results on day 1.

Google gets first place for speed. Yahoo gets first place for comprehensiveness.

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