Knowledge Graph – SEO Monday

By Advanced SEO Team

Learn More about Google’s Newest Way To Search: Knowledge Graph.

What is Google Knowledge Graph & What Does it Look Like?

If we do a search for “Boston”, on the top half of the Knowledge Graph we will see a map, as well as some quick facts about the region.

What Does it Look Like?

The bottom half provides us points of interest, as well as alternative searches you could have been referring to – in this case, Boston the band. I can also see this as having potential to pull in ratings (i.e. “Best Places to Eat”) from ratings in their Google Places page.

Other Features

As it is now, when I search “Boston seafood”, we get a map of seafood locations, as well as a Google offer ad, with some eye-catching real estate beneath.

Implications for eCommerce Stores

As for any implications for eCommerce sites, there don’t seem to be any at the moment. Doing a product search still brings up PPC ads, as well as maps for store locations. I have seen it with branded searches – see “Home Depot” above.

More information about the Knowledge Graph can be found on Google’s search blog:

Try it out yourself, and send any interesting screen shots our way!