Key Takeaways You Need to Know About AdWords Enhanced Campaigns


Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns are rolling out this month and will become mandatory by mid 2013. We recently spoke about some features of Enhanced Campaigns and what they mean for accounts moving forward.  With this post, we’d like to share some more details about the migration.

Individual campaigns or whole accounts can be migrated. Complete accounts don’t have to be migrated at once. You can test Enhanced Campaigns before making the full switch by mid 2013. The only caveat is once you migrate a campaign you can’t go back to the legacy version. You can potentially create a brand new campaign that duplicates the one you had (for the time being), but you’ll lose all of your historical data.

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Mobile specific campaigns won’t exist anymore. No longer will you be able to run campaigns that are just targeted to mobile devices. By default, all campaigns will now target desktops, tablets and mobile devices. You can however choose to not target mobile devices by setting the bid adjustment at the campaign level to -100%, which leads to the next point.

Mobile bids are now set at the campaign level. All keyword bids in Enhanced Campaigns pertain to desktops and tablets. You have to set a bid modifier at the campaign level to adjust your bids for mobile. For example, you can set your bid adjustment to -30%. So if you are bidding $1 on a keyword for desktops and tablets, that keyword bid is set at $0.70 on mobile devices. Again, if you don’t want to show your ads on mobile you would set this bid adjustment to -100%. It’s important to note that you can’t set individual keyword bids, but rather they are adjusted as a percentage of desktop/tablet bids.

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Tablets are here to stay. You cannot opt out of running your ads on tablets nor can you adjust the bids like you can for mobile.

Smart Ads are (hopefully) intuitive. Previously, you would write different ads for desktops and mobile devices. Since single campaigns now target all devices, you must include desktop and mobile versions of ads in the same ad groups. Thus, all ads now contain a “Mobile” check box. When checked, these ads (theoretically) should show on mobile devices instead of your regular desktop ads. Essentially, you are still writing ads for each device, but they are now in the same campaign and mobile specific ads need to be checked off as such.

Ad Extensions are more advanced. You are now able to target both sitelinks and call extensions at the ad group level. Additionally, both extensions have further refinement options for dayparting and mobile segmentation.

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Adjust bids by location. Within single campaigns, you can make bid adjustments (just like the mobile bid modifier) for specific locations. For example, if you are targeting 20 specific cities in Massachusetts, you can adjust bids per location.

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