Katrina. Response of the Webs

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

ABC News Silicon Insider Katrina and the webs.? Net shows unprecedented value in midst of hurricane disaster.

Jeff Jarvis on Recovery 2.0.? A call to convene a meeting to bring together the best of the web – software, hardware, infrastructure, media, money to gather around needs and solutions around

information •
connections •
coordination •

Katrina People Finder at worldchanging – distributed technology responses to disaster

— already involving perhaps over 100 volunteer techies, and data-entry volunteers — to create a uniform standard for collecting, compiling, data-entering, and (soon) searching information on people affected by Hurricane Katrina and using open source.

We have published an open data spec, the PeopleFinder Interchange Format (PFIF), that can facilitate all the various databases syndicating information into a single database.


Niall Kennedy updates the? Technorati Hurricane Katrina page.