Just the Stats

By Exclusive Concepts Blog Team

The United States (186 million), China (100 million), and Japan (78 million) lead the world in number of internet users. Source.

80% of internet users have concerns about identity theft. Source.

Percentage of US households that bought a newspaper by year:
1950: 123% (many households bought more than one)
1990: 67%
2000: 53%

The virus mytob was detected 27,405,821 in August, more than any other virus. Source

The top 3 internet advertisers buyers in July were Vonage, Purina VAR Pet Food, and Classmates.com. Source.

The audience for online music sites is 51% men and 49% women. Source

At 36% of the total audience, users aged 45 to 55 are the biggest age segment of music site visitors. Source

Vivendi Universal S.A. makes up 37.8% of all ad impressions in the Entertainment Industry’s Music Albums segment.