Juicy Links: October 19 – October 23




After the Shipping Deadline: Holiday Merchandising Tips

Unless you can afford free overnight shipping to holiday shoppers, you need a plan for merchandising your e-store for that period between the shipping cutoff date and Christmas Day.

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Mystery Shop Your Site Before The Holidays

Every year Lauren Freedman and the e-tailing group conduct a Mystery Shopping Study of the top 100 online retailers. The researchers go through the process of selecting one product for ground delivery on each of the 100 sites, contact the merchant via telephone, live chat or email and return the product either in-store or on-site, depending on the options available.

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Alternatives to Google AdWords — Worth Your Time?

Small businesses need to weigh cost versus benefit with every decision. That means for dollars and time.

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Free Traffic Exists If You Know Where To Look!

Many web site owners spend a lot of time building the next great application, web portal, or informational web site only to discover that creating a great site is only the first step.

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Loyal Visitors but Small Share from Social Sites

According to research by ad network Chitika, social sites Facebook and Digg are more likely to send returning traffic your way than search engines such as Yahoo!, Google and Bing.

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Web Analytics and Segmentation for Better Conversion Optimization

SEOmoz was having more and more web analytics/conversion rate related post, so I decided to give it a shot and talk about segmenting your traffic data in order to have a better understanding of your traffic.

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Google Voice with your existing number

Google Voice is all about enabling choice: which phone you pick up your calls on, where to review your voicemail messages, how to send and reply to text messages, etc.

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Google’s Social Search for You and Yours

Search is changing very rapidly these days and it looks like we are going to need to buckle up to keep up with the changes and, even more likely, the rumored changes.

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Social Networking:

How To Set Your Facebook News Feed And Wall Settings

Facebook released their new homepage design and while it can be beneficial for those just wanting updates from close friends and family, it is not so friendly for those who have a large number of regularly updating friends.

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Twitter Finally Removing Deleted Tweets From Search Results

While most users may have not realized it, Twitter has had a rather annoying problem for some time now: If you deleted a tweet, it would still reside in Twitter Search’s index.

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Around The Web:

Microsoft Crushes Estimates, Stock Takes Off (MSFT)

Microsoft delivered a solid third quarter. The stock is up 7% in the pre-market.

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The Wall Street Journal now for ‘professionals’

“The Wall Street Journal Professional Edition,” it is designed for business readers who want more than what the daily newspaper and website provide on their own.

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