Juicy Links: October 12 – October 16




6 ways to Humanize Your Online Store

Online retail is always searching for ways to close the gap between the offline and the online experience and one way to do that is to put a more human face to your e-store.

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PriceGrabber’s Holiday Consumer Spending Forecast: How Full or Empty is Your Glass?

PriceGrabber has released their holiday consumer spending forecast and it’s clear that shoppers are hankering down on the ol’ family budget.

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Low CPMs Stall Social Network Ad Spend

Big impressions, not-so-big money

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Relevant Marketing with Mobile Alerts

Reaching consumers who are ready to buy

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StumbleUpon Recasts Itself As A Social Search Engine “Between Google And Twitter.”

Ever since StumbleUpon spun itself off from eBay last April, it’s been reinventing itself at a rapid pace.

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The Synergy of Search and Social Media

Research has shown that display ad exposure can lift consumer response to paid search.

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“Going Google” with millions of businesses around the world

Each day, thousands of companies choose to “go Google”  that is, switch to Google Apps.

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Managing your reputation through search results

Tips for “reputation management”: influencing how you’re perceived online, and what information is available relating to you.

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Social Networking:

Now Planes are Tweeting, Too

We’ve seen Tweets posted by plants, a space shuttle and even a house, so we shouldn’t be particularly surprised to hear that commercial jets are now Tweeting and posting Facebook messages (sorta).

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Social Networking via Mobile Phones has Doubled in Last 6 Months!

Forrester continues to examine the intersection of mobile phones and social networking. One startling or maybe not statistic: 10% of us access social networks from our cell phones, double the number at the beginning of the year!

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Around The Web:

The Intelligent Approach To Customer Intelligence

According to Amazon’s former Chief Scientist, individuals will generate more data in 2009 than in the combined history of mankind.

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In the Beginning: 9 Really Old School Ecommerce Designs

Thought you’d get a kick out of some of the early versions of the most successful ecommerce sites (circa 1999-2000):

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