Juicy Links: November 2 – November 6




Conversion: 15 Reasons Why Consumers Will Leave Your eCommerce Site

If you think from customer’s perspective, they really don’t care about complexities in business they are looking for a simple and intuitive shopping experience.

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Introducing Google Commerce Search: Finding holiday gifts faster

The holiday season is right around the corner, so online retailers are gearing up for spikes in traffic.

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Real-Time Search Makes Move Into Mobile

OneRiot and search engine Taptu plan to announce Tuesday that people have an option to browse the Web on mobile phones for trending topics and the most relevant results.

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Yahoo teams with OneRiot on real-time search

Yahoo Inc (YHOO.O), looking to match rivals in providing up-to-the-minute Internet search results, is running tests with several real-time search partners, sources familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.

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Google Tests Skippable Ads In YouTube Videos

Google will begin testing “skippable” pre-roll ads in videos on YouTube Wednesday that could lead the Mountain View, Calif. search engine toward a new advertising model.

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Google’s gift: Free WiFi in 47 airports

Google is planning to foot the bill for WiFi at 47 of the nation’s airports for the rest of the year, beginning Tuesday.

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Social Networking:

Why Retweet works the way it does

This week on Twitter, we’re rolling a feature we’ve been working on for a while out to a lot more users.

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Tweets Are Coming to LinkedIn

On Tuesday, LinkedIn and Twitter announced a partnership to bring tweets to LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals.

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Around The Web:

Expect Caffeine after the holidays

Back in August we mentioned a developer preview of Caffeine, which is new technology that improves our indexing infrastructure.

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Yahoo Launches Mobile Site En Espanol

Yahoo has smartly launched a Spanish Language version of its mobile homepage.

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