Juicy Links: November 16 – November 20




Holiday Season: Are You In the Game or on The Bench?

What should retailers be doing during the holiday season now that it’s too late to be working on the site or strategy? This post is a recap of what I believe retailers should be doing now to really be “in the game” rather than a benchwarmer this season.

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Should Your Online Store Use Tabbed Boxes?

Tabbed boxes are one of the best ways to fit more content on a page without increasing page length or cluttering the page and they have become more and more popular on ecommerce sites in the past few years  especially on product pages.

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Natural Link Building Practices

The link building component of your SEO strategy can be the most important, as well as the most difficult and time consuming, task that you undertake.

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Marketing Tactics vs. Social Media Strategy

Many look at social media as another outlet to pump their marketing messages into, especially companies which have found that success in other channels of marketing such as SEO, PPC, e-mail, or traditional marketing outlets like TV, radio, or print have slowed or come to a virtual standstill.

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Why a Deal With News Corp Would Make Bing the Trader Joe’s of Search

Bing has a pretty cool shopping engine and I can get up to 10% cashback with its cashback program.

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Google Tackles Its “UI Jazz” Problem, Tests Streamlining Search Options Feature

Sometime later today, a small number of Google users will see a new look to Google’s Search Options feature.

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Easy holiday shopping with Google Product Search

Google pushes Product Search for holiday shopping…make sure you’re feed is up to date and working.

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Automatic captions in YouTube

Since they first announced captions in Google Video and YouTube, they’ve introduced multiple caption tracks, improved search functionality and even automatic translation.

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Social Networking:

Twitter’s Biz Stone says could go IPO route

Twitter, the social internet firm that tracks trends through individuals’ updates of events around them, may eventually go to the stock market for funding if necessary, its co-founder Biz Stone said.

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Twitter Plans Premium Accounts By End of Year

Twitter aims to introduce premium accounts for brands and businesses by the end of the year, according to co-founder and CEO Biz Stone.

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Around The Web:

Microsoft Store – Breaks Out into Song

Just a little fun…

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CRU Emails “may” be open to interpretation, but commented code by the programmer tells the real story

When the CRU emails first made it into news stories, there was immediate reaction from the head of CRU, Dr. Phil Jones.

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