Juicy Links: May 18 – May 22


A Jam Packed Luicy Links There’s a lot of good stuff in this weeks Juicy Links, take your time with it and we hope you enjoy. We also hope you’ll join us for a OneTwoPunch webinar being held TODAY at 2:00 EST. Details below.


OneTwoPunch Webinar Today at 2:00 EST

Today, Wednesday May 27th at 2:00 EST

Panelists: Scott Smigler of Exclusive Concepts, Eric Yonge of EYStudios.  Special Guest: Laurie Briggs of Yahoo! Inc. Topics include: Improvement to Sales as a Result of Cross-Sell, How Cross-Sell Works, & How Merchants Use It

Kumo Demo Reveals Semantic Category Features, Ecommerce Emphasis

Microsoft will soon be launching a new search engine they claim will compete with Google. Codenamed “Kumo,” it is said to have an Ecommerce emphasis.

Utilize Press Releases and News Sites

(Audio Clip Included) News sites are an increasingly popular way to increase search results. Submit your story to a news site and take advantage of distribution outlets. It could help lead more traffic to your site, and further increase your probability of driving sales.


Embedded Content and Linking

Creating embeddable content like widgets, badges, or videos can be a fantastic link-building strategy for many reasons. This video covers some of the big benefits to embed-based linking, as well as some of the challenges you may face in trying to get your embeddable content out there.

CHART OF THE DAY: DVR and Mobile Video Viewing Growing Fastest

DVR viewership and mobile video are growing faster than any other segment. Mobile video watching jumped 52% from the previous year and “time-shifted” TV watching climbed 37% over the same period.


Local Search Ranking Factors

Very detailed and helpful.

Can a Semantic Kumo Wrestle Google to the Ground?

Kumo is a combination of Microsoft’s Live Search search engine and semantic Web technology. Microsoft has shaped Kumo as its weapon against Google in the search engine war.


Google Experimenting with Product Images in Snippets?

“Google seems to be testing a new feature that displays product images alongside the snippet of a particular search result.”

Faster is Better on Google Suggest

Previously, Google only showed suggestions based on your original search input. Now, when you make a search from a results page, Google provides suggestions that relate to your current results page.

Social Networking:

Google Analytics Now Providing Data on YouTube Brand Channels

YouTube’s new “Biz Blog” for advertisers announced that Google Analytics has now been integrated with YouTube brand channels. This will give partners and advertisers a much richer and deeper understanding of their channel’s performance.

Social Advertising Best Practices – Released by The Interactive Advertising Bureau

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is comprised of more than 375 leading media and technology companies who are responsible for selling 86% of online advertising in the United States.


Yahoo! Thinking About Buying Into That Whole Social Networking Thing (YHOO)

Yahoo is looking to buy companies that will allow it to become a bigger player in social networking and revamp its family of products.”I can guarantee you there will be some acquisitions, and we will do some stuff in-house.”

Yahoo! Gives a Sneak Peak of its New Homepage

Yahoo! is set to launch a new homepage design. They have provided a sneak peak here.

Around the Web:

Former Classmate of Facebook Creator Settles out of Court for Idea Theft

Mr. Greenspan attended Harvard at the same time Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg did. Greenspan developed a network for the Harvard community called houseSYSTEM. The network included message boards, photo album, event calendar with online RSVP’s and more.  houseSYSTEM also included a section called ‘The Universal Face Book.’