Juicy Links: May 11 – May 15


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Come See Us at Internet Retailer

Exclusive Concepts will be talking strategy at Internet Retailer being held in Boston, MA from June 15th to June 18th. You can find us at booth 346. We encourage everyone to come on by and talk with the team. See you there!


Ecommerce Know-How: Writing Product Descriptions That Sell

Well-written product descriptions can have a significant impact on a store’s success.

SEO: “Speak” to the Search Engine Spiders

Understanding the signals – what speaks most loudly and what whispers – is the foundation of search engine optimization.


Search Spending Swells World Wide

According to a recent survey, fifty-five percent of respondents said they planned to raise spending on SEO, and 45% said the same of paid search.

Name of the Game: Acquire and Retain

In a MarketingProfs survey, which looked specifically at the impact of the economic crisis, all of the respondents cited some form of customer acquisition or retention as their most important marketing objective. 


Quietly, Google Updates Its Blog Search Algorithm

One of the algorithmic changes is aimed at making sure the home page clusters reward the freshest and most authoritative blog content. Within any cluster, Google wants to find the posts that people are talking about the most.

Google: Looking over shoulder at Wolfram|Alpha?

Google’s Sergey Brin is apparently is keeping a watchful eye on Wolfram|Alpha. Wolfram|Alpha is a search tool that claims to understand what a user is asking via algorithms.

 Social Media:

Viral Marketing 1, 2, 3

Viral marketing is all about giving your customers what they really want — and really want to share.

The YouTube Generation: Online Video Usage Up 53 Percent in ‘09

Nielsen released some interesting numbers today that show that Web and mobile video watching are experiencing skyrocketing growth.


The Favicon Marks Your Spot

Yahoo! Is now testing favicons (little brand icons) with popular search ad results.

Yahoo & Google Find Mobile Ad Business A Whole New World

Internet kingpins Yahoo and Google have scrambled to bring their Internet services to the mobile platform. Along with the services, of course, they also want to bring along their moneymaking ads. 

Around the Web:

Video Hot with Ad Agency Execs

87% of ad agency executives plan on spending more on online video ads. So what strategies are being talked about? Well, some are discussed here.

Matt Cutts Talks About New Google Features From Searchology 2009

“Google Search Options”, “Rich Snippets”, “Google Squared” & More