Juicy Links: March 9 – March 13


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We shook the Tree of Knowledge; here are the Juicy fruits that fell off.


eMarketer Revises E-Commerce Numbers

eMarketer revised its US retail e-commerce forecast, estimating that US retail e-commerce sales will grow almost 10% in 2010 after a slight drop in 2009.

EBay Retreats in Web Retailing

An EBay Chief Executive told analysts that EBay plans to focus its online-marketplace business on used and overstocked goods, rather than on the retail market for new goods that is dominated by other competitors.


The Real Culprit Behind Email Unsubscribes

New research shows the main reason why people unsubscribe from email is because the emails were not relevant to the recipient. This finding trumps previous notions that pointed to “inbox clutter” as the primary culprit.

Social Media Revolution Will be .Tel-evised

The new top-level domain .tel began the go-live process on March 6. This article discusses how .tel will revolutionize social media and extend social networking features to cellular telephone networks. Great read.


Fortune 500 Companies Fall Flat On Millions Paid For Keywords

Fortune 500 companies spend $51 million per day in aggregate on 88,792 keywords–yet only 20.82% rank in the top 100 of natural search results. Interesting piece shows how big business is behind the curve.

Report: Microsoft U.S. search share hits 12-month low

Microsoft’s share of Internet searches in the U.S. fell to 8.2%, a 12-month low according to a comScore Inc. report on Internet search queries.


Google’s Matt Cutts Updates you on PubCon

Matt Cutts brings you videos and notes from the PubCon conference. Topics include linking, SEO, image optimization & more.

Google Reader is your new watercooler

With Google Reader you can share photos, videos and just about anything else with friends, family and co-workers. Now Google has added a conversation feature that lets everyone comment and share opinions on things that have been shared.

Social Networking:

How Much is a Suggested Spot on Twitter Worth? Jason Calacanis Offers $250,000.

When new Twitter users sign up, they’re presented with a list of 100 suggested users to follow. Being on that list can boost your followers to over 100,000. Jason Calacanis is offering Twitter $250,000 to lock in one of those spots for 2 years. Why? Read and find out.

“Elgg” Lets any Business Create an Online Community

Elgg is an open source platform to power any kind of social media community, and it is a tool that online merchants can use to help develop a loyal flow of site traffic.

Around the Web:

Online Brand Abuse Escalates in 2008

A report, “Brandjacking Index: 2008 — The Year in Review,” released recently finds brand abuse grew across several verticals for almost every industry.

St. Patrick’s Day Logos from Around the Web

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and the search engines have created special logos and maps for the day. You can check most of them out here.