Juicy Links: March 23 – March 27


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Juicy Links: Because You’re No April Fool.



  • Search Marketing Spending & Trends

    This article looks at how search marketing dollars are being spent, which tactics are going to grow and which methods are the most important.


  • Optimize Your Landing Pages, Increase Your Sales

    Your landing page design can make or break your conversion rate. All the search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising isn’t going to create the sales you want with bad landing pages.



  • Google Aims to Connect Ads for TV, YouTube

    A Wall Street Journal article on how Google is developing technology to connect its TV-ad brokering business to YouTube and eventually video on other Web sites


  • Google Starts Venture Capital Fund

    Google has just announced the launch of Google Ventures, a venture capital fund charged with finding and helping to develop exceptional start-ups. They’ll be focusing on early stage investments across a diverse range of industries, including consumer Internet. Learn more through this link.


Social Networking:

  • Social Media Marketing Industry Report

    The Social Media Industry Report clearly covers: the top social media marketing questions marketers want answered, how much time marketers are investing in social media, the benefits of social media, how time invested impacts results, the top social media tools and much more.


  • 15 Twitter Directories

    Looking to grow your Twitter follower list? One way to do so is to follow other people with similar interests, and they will follow you back. Finding these people can be difficult, but with these third party Twitter directories, finding followers is a lot easier.



  • Yahoo! Search Results Update

    SEOs and Webmasters are noticing major shifts in the Yahoo Search results over the weekend. This post represents the latest news with a link to the Yahoo Search Blog for future updates.


  • Check Your Yahoo! Mail Via Phone

    Not available yet, but this “hack” was presented at the Yahoo! University Hack Day Contest, winning the award for the 2nd best Hack. It allows you to check your Yahoo! Mail through an 800 number.


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