Juicy Links: March 2 – March 6


Feedback Time!

Hello again everyone. We’re going to be incorporating your ideas into our Juicy Links newsletter! Send us some feedback – what you like, what you don’t like, what you’d like to see included, etc. – and we’ll be using this information to make Juicy Links even better. Just send an email to feedback@exclusiveconcepts.com and your voice WILL be heard. Thanks!

OneTwoPunch Time!

Also, be sure to sign of for the OneTwoPunch Webinar being held on March 18th at 2:00 pm EST. This live interactive webinar is sure to educate and inspire rookie and veteran online retailers alike. Get more details and sign up for free here.


SEO Investments Expected to Grow More Than 20%

According to a recent report from eMarketer, budget investments in search engine optimization (SEO) will grow at a higher rate each year as businesses get a better understanding of how web site optimization fits into their overall business strategy.

UPS Vice President on Shipping Service Upgrades

The VP responsible for all eCommerce marketing functions for UPS talks about “UPS Ready” and how he feels it can help eCommerce owners.


Gauge Email’s Impact on Indirect Sales: 5 Metrics to Monitor

Email marketing isn’t just a direct sales source. Email promotions and newsletters sent to prospects are also enablers of delayed purchases, newsletter signups and sales generated through other channels. Learn a few methods on how to measure that, and how it can give you a more accurate picture of your ROI.

Ten Timeless Persuasive Writing Techniques

You’ll want to read this because everyone I showed it to loved it, and because the techniques discussed can help improve your sales. Was that persuasive enough?


A Review of ThinkVisibility

An attendant of the ThinkVisibility Conference in Leeds (UK) provides an in-depth review of what each speaker discussed. The topics include SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging & more.

Local Search 101, Parts 1 & 2

Local search is on the rise. Learn how to capitalize on this trend using local directories, social media, search engines, link solicitation, mobile devices and more.


Google Won’t Remove that Page You Don’t Like, But You Can

Does someone have a page up that ranks well for you keywords but reflects poorly on your brand? Maybe it’s a competitor, maybe it’s one disgruntled customer. This article discusses how to use a reputation management campaign to take care of the problem.

Google Tip Jar

Google Tip Jar gathers millions of money saving tips in one place and invites everyone to rank them in order of usefulness. Over time, the best and most useful tips for saving money will rise to the top.

Social Networking:

Facebook’s Response To Twitter

How Facebook is changing its features to keep up with the growing popularity of Twitter.

Will Twitter be Google’s Next Youtube

There is speculation that Google is about to acquire the very popular microblogging site, Twitter. If this seems familiar, it may be because an almost-identical scenario unfolded in October 2006, prior to Google’s acquisition of YouTube.


Yahoo Teams With Newspapers to Sell Ads

Many newspaper owners and publishers are teaming up with Yahoo to sell ads. They say that the partnership with Yahoo is one of the only bright spots in an otherwise horrible advertising market.

Yahoo Inquisitor: Now on iPhone

Inquisitor is now launched for the iPhone. “Inquisitor Mobile Search auto-completes your search and gives suggestions as you type to refine your search. When you type in your query, websites and suggestions appear immediately below the search box. Inquisitor also speeds up your search by quickly loading site summaries and allowing you to navigate between results and the browser with just one click.”

Around the Web:

Funny Ebay Description

Read the product description for this ebay product, you’ll get a kick out of it.

Copyright Challenge for Sites That Excerpt

A New York Times article discussing the copyright disputes popping up due to websites using other people’s copy.