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“You don’t get any Juicy Links unless you eat your vegetables!”


Personalization: Putting the “A-Ha” Into Online Shopping

Advanced recommendation engines are now available and affordable for even small retailers. Despite that, only one in four retailers are currently offering personalized product recommendations. These recommendations help improve cross selling, up selling & customer loyalty. Of those polled at internet retailer, this functionality was second only to video functionality in terms of next steps for online retailers.

Top 10 Stories from Day 1 at SES New York

The 2009 Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference is where approximately 5,000 marketers, corporate decision makers, webmasters and search engine marketers (SEMs) come together to network and learn the latest tips, tactics and strategies. It’s underway now and here are the top 10 stories from day one with pictures and video.


8 Takeaways from the Annual Email Marketing Summit

This article covers the highlights from the annual Email Marketing Summit. Topics include segmentation, triggered campaigns, testing methodologies, Web 2.0 integration & more.

Why Brands are Vital to Small Business Success

The title pretty much says it all, but you have to click it to find out why.


Google Offers Two Updates to Results Pages

First, a new technology has been deployed to understand the associations of a given search phrase. Google offered up the example of “principles of physics.” With the new technology, Google now understands that “angular momentum,” “special relativity,” “big bang” and “quantum mechanic” are terms associated with the original term. Second, long search queries will now return results with more lines of description when necessary.


An RBC analyst compares the growth rate of Facebook to the growth rate of Google. His findings are very interesting, up for debate, but interesting nonetheless.


Social Networking:

Create Your Own Branded Mobile Video Broadcast

Basically, you can broadcast branded video streams to mobile devices. People will place an app on their phone with your company’s logo and can click to watch your video streams. This, could be huge.

YouTube Adds Detailed Engagement Statistics

YouTube is adding more features to its Insights platform that helps video publishers get a more detailed look at how their uploads are performing on the site. Users will now get a “Community” tab that includes information on ratings, the number of users who favorite videos, comment counts and geographical breakdowns.

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Opt-In Email Next Best After Family and Friends

A recent study (data provided) suggests that, after email from friends and family, people spend the most time reading / participating with opt-in email. This is just another reason to focus on your opt-in email sign-ups on your site.

Three Quarters of the World’s Messages Sent by Mobile

Here is some great data showing why worldwide communication in the future will be done through mobile devices.