Juicy Links: June 15 – June 19


Thanks for Stopping By!

Along with some juicy links, Exclusive Concepts would like to send along our thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit us at Internet Retailer, and to everyone who participated in the first annual Yahoo! Merchant Summit. It was a pleasure speaking with you all and we look forward to seeing everyone again soon.  Now, on with the links (including one from Exclusive Concepts President, Scott Smigler).



Scott Smigler: The Danger of Relying on Price Promotions to Boost Conversion Rates

Scott Smigler outlines the dangers of relying too heavily on promotions, and provides a roadmap on how to start improving conversion rates.


Looking into the Future of Digital Marketing

An eMarketer senior analyst attended a digital marketing conference in London and shares what she saw and heard.




Online Publishers Association Study Shows Consumers Exposed to Display Advertising Are More Engaged and Spend More Money Online

Research Highlights Effective Ways to Measure the Impact of Branding Campaigns


PPC Advertising on Bing — Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Comscore is reporting that Microsoft’s share of search engine results pages (SERPs) in the U.S., increased from 9.1% to 11.1%. Assuming the increased usage of Bing lasts longer than searchers’ brief flirtations with Cuil and Wolfram Alpha, this should lead PPC advertisers not currently utilizing MSN to question whether they should add Bing to their campaigns.




Twitter Search Lands (Barely) on the Map: .001 Percent Share

Data from comScore (SCOR) showing that Twitter-related search has become both measurable and meaningful.


SEO: Where Is Blended Search for Ecommerce Queries?

By optimizing the images and video content that many sites already produce, search engines were adding visually appealing content to the standard 10-blue-links search results, and the doors to winning more natural search visits were opened.




Google Flipper Is About To Jump Out Of The Water

New Google Labs project giving a more visual way to read Google News


PageRank sculpting

Although we still refer to link analysis as PageRank, Google’s ability to compute reputation based on links has advanced considerably over the years


Social Networking:


Keeping a True Identity Becomes a Battle Online

Since Facebook started giving out customized Web addresses like facebook.com/yourname last Friday, some 9.5 million people have rushed to grab their top choice.


Look Who’s Talking Now

Facebook beginning to test new versions of Facebook Search with a small group



Around The Web:


Google Experimenting with Additional Product Results

It’s always fun to stumble across a Google test.


Taking the Fear Out of Web Analytics for Your Small Business

Informative read.