Juicy Links: January 18 – January 22



Google re-ranking and personalized search study

Has personalized search really changed the consistency of rankings? It’s an issue that has been spoken about many times in the search world. We set out to see what was up. After two rounds of research we noticed that this was unlikely to be the case.
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Google’s Query Deserves Freshness Formula

Learn about how Twitter and press releases can empower your visibility with queries that qualify for Google’s new Query Deserves Freshness (QDF) Formula.
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Change in Google Adwords Display URL Policy

Last week Google announced a subtle change to their Display URL Policy. They are now requiring any advertising that lands on pages that live on hosted domains (large domains that allow different users to have pages on them) must represent the sub domain in the display URL.
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Good Pay Per Click Structure

It’s sometimes taken for granted that when you created your Pay Per Click account, you did everything the right way. But are you really sure about that? In this week’s PPC Tuesday installment, we’ll give you some insight into what we believe may just be the most optimal way to set up your Pay Per Click structure.
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How Color Impacts Conversions on Your Website

Color – it’s everywhere on the internet. You see it, and think it’s forgettable, but our conversion testing says otherwise. Follow us on a colorful journey to improve the conversion rates of your website in today’s Conversion Wednesday presentation.
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Increase Website Conversion With Great Calls To Action

When people visit your site but don’t buy instantly, how do you keep them on your site long enough to understand what they want, and or, secure their permission to continue the dialogue? A good looking site is not enough. Every page should lead people towards a clearly defined ‘Call To Action’.
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Signs Your Email Program Is Behind The Curve

Here are a few signs that despite “good” results, your email program is getting lapped…
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What Should the Email Industry Talk About In 2010

Break away from the usual round of predictions and must-do lists, and talk instead about what we need to do in order to help advance the industry in this decade.
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Confused About Yahoo Shopping And PriceGrabber Deal?

Yahoo recently reported inking a relationship with PriceGrabber, dropping the ability to take direct data feeds from retailers and serving them up on Yahoo Shopping. What does this mean for retailers?
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