Juicy Links: February 16 – February 20


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The Juicy Links are here! This week you’ll find info on the new Yahoo paid search which will include videos and images, you’ll learn how one marketer lifted shopping cart conversion by 43%, you’ll get some advertising tips specific to the recession and much more. Enjoy, and don’t forget to register for our free webinar taking place TOMORROW!




Recession Survival Tips: Wise Marketing

In this article, Ecommerce Times provides e-commerce owners with tips on how to approach their advertising budget during times of recession.


Ecommerce Product Search: Handling Attributes

Tips on how to make the most of your on-site product search. Includes some good examples with images and descriptions of why.




61% of Reluctant Consumers can be Positively Swayed Online

Here is some eye-catching data that, among other things, suggests that user-generated content (such as customer reviews) is proven to drastically build confidence, increase satisfaction, and drive sales.


5 Steps: Click-Path Analysis Leads to Shopping-Cart Fix that Lifts Conversions 43%

Find out how a marketer used an analysis of website metrics to fix a faulty shopping cart and boost the website conversion rate more than 43%.




Two Cool Integrations: Telephone Leads & Live Chat

Tracking telephone leads and live chat with Google Analytics tie-ins. Among other benefits, this can help track PPC performance more accurately.


Video of My “State of the Index” Talk

A video and slides from Matt Cutts (Google) covering his presentation at PubCon in Las Vegas.


Social Networking:


Commenting with Facebook Connect

You can add this new Facebook widget to your site allowing visitors to easily comment on your content and share it with their friends and contacts.


Social Media Madness – The Sweet 16

Here is a look at the top 16 Social Media platforms with a college basketball “March Madness” twist.




Yahoo Shows Search Ads With Images and Video

Yahoo is introducing a new type of search advertising called “Rich Ads in Search” that integrates images and videos within paid listings in an attempt to provide users with a more detailed, engaging experience.


Speed up Your Web Pages with YSLOW

YSlow analyzes web pages and tells you why they’re slow based on the rules for high performance websites. If you haven’t checked it out yet, why not?


Around the Web:


How does midsized truckmaker Kenworth get access to one of the world’s most sophisticated supercomputers? The Internet, of course.

Kenworth trucking rents a supercomputer online and discovers that by trimming their mudflaps, they can save truckers an average of $400 a year on gas.


The Ultimate Browser Security Face-Off

Does your choice of browser affect your chances of being infected by a virus or malware?

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