Juicy Links: February 1 – February 5


Link Builders Discuss Backlink Analysis For Campaign Design – Part 1

We asked link building experts 9 questions about backlink analysis… and got 20,000 words of response.
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ComScore Releases January Search Numbers (Bing Gains) & Year In Review

Here, with all the usual caveats, are the comScore search numbers for January…
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Lessons From Google’s Own Paid Search Campaigns: Forget The “Rules”

Various marketers have offered advice on writing “killer” PPC ads. But examining the ads Google runs on competing search engines suggests that a simple list of “tips and tricks” may not be enough.
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Google’s AdWords Tool Helps with Both Pay-per-click and SEO

The tool with the numbers that most directly represent search in the big engines is Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool…
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The Portal Pattern: Core Conversion Marketing Strategies

Sites built on the portal pattern include news sites, research sites, educational sites, forums and association sites. Most revenue-generating blogs follow the portal pattern.  Overall, the primary goals of a portal are to get people to stick around, to view more pages, and to join or subscribe. Here are the conversion strategies that will impact these goals most.
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Four Strategies to Improve Shopper Experience

The change to the shopper experience, both in physical stores and online, will be evolutionary in nature as retailers add feature upon feature and integrate rich Internet technologies like HTML 5’s SVG or Canvas APIs, Flash, or Silverlight.
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Three Keys To Creating Actionable Insights

Three numbers: 90; 10; 0. 90 is the percent of total time spent on an email campaign during which email marketers work on getting that campaign out the door. 10 is the percent of time spent in reporting and analysis. And zero is the amount of time most marketers spend figuring out how to optimize a program.
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It’s Not Just About the ROI

Something other than ROI is motivating brands to increase social media and email budgets — while cutting budgets for print, radio, and television. So what is? Brand reputation.
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Introducing Google Buzz

Google Buzz is a new way to start conversations about the things you find interesting. It’s built right into Gmail, so you don’t have to peck out an entirely new set of friends from scratch — it just works.
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