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10 Ways To Promote Your Promotions

No matter what your promotion is (free shipping, flat rate shipping, gift with purchase, free ship-to-store, free returns, 20% off etc), you want to make sure your offer is clearly reinforced at every touch point.

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13 Ways to Categorize Gifts in Holiday Emails

Helping shoppers find the right present for everyone on their list is the priority of your holiday email campaign.

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87% Won’t Allow Google To Manage Their AdWords Accounts

Results from poll taken on Friday asking ‘Would You Allow Google to Manage Your AdWords Account?’

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Want to Move Product this Holiday Season? Offer Free Shipping

Hitwise has released data showing how the term “free shipping” trends over time. Not surprisingly, it tends to spark just before the holidays.

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Granularity in Landing Page Optimization

The granularity of your test elements is the level of detail at which you will make changes to your page design.

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Brand Aid Search, Video & Your Brand: Hello YouTube!

Did you know that the second most popular search engine today is YouTube?

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Google to Open AdSense to Other Networks

Google plans to open its AdSense network to other ad networks, potentially giving the already huge ad net access to display ads flowing through countless other networks.

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Hidden Google Gem: Google Mobile App

Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO

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Social Networking:

How E-Mail Recipients Use Social Sharing Links

Social media “share” links generate clicks in e-mail campaigns for an average of 6.8 days, according to a study by Silverpop to be released on Wednesday.

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Let’s Get Social Timing Is Crucial To Maximize Exposure With Social Media

When you’ve spent a lot of time and money fine-tuning content, coming up with the best headline and description and sprucing up imagery and design, the last thing you want to do is promote content at an off-time when few people are listening.

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Around The Web:

Video of cat drinking from faucet

Just light hearted & entertaining

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4 Scary Scenarios That Twitter’s New Terms Allow

In the case of Twitter’s update to its Terms of Service, I started thinking about what the changes could mean to us users.

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