Juicy Links: August 3 – August 7


We Moved!

Exclusive Concepts has moved office locations, and we’re all very
excited. Accordingly, please update your records with the address below.
Some of our team members have new phone numbers so updates will be
provided individually as needed.  You can always still reach us at
1-800-504-4324.  A thank you to everyone, now on with the links!

Exclusive Concepts, Inc.

50 Mall Road, Suite G02,
Burlington, MA 01803



Ecommerce Know-How: Translate Your Ecommerce Site

Language translation is an increasingly important part of ecommerce marketing, as many small- to mid-size businesses seek non-English-speaking customers.
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Real People Visit Your E-commerce Store ? Ask Them What They Think of Your Site

Tool allows you to collect, analyze and manage feedback submitted by your users on your website.
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New Google Display Ads Provide “Off the Rack” Banners With a Bespoke Look

This is almost the Google announcement that never was, but Google has finally announced an update to its Display Ad

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Can Locally-Focused Display Ads Make The Phone Ring?

Display advertising and local search have been key points of emphasis for major online search engines and networks in
earnings calls over the last several weeks.

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Just Behave: The Importance Of Knowing Your Customers’ Language

There is another layer to the wording we use to communicate to customers and Internet users.

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Five SEO Mantras for Website Redesign

Best practices distilled into five SEO “mantras.”

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Guess Who Is The Top Global Brand Again? You Got It! Google

Millward Brown released their top “BrandZ” report for 2009 (PDF) and Google has top the list, once again.

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Google’s Varian: Search scale is ‘bogus’

Google’s Hal Varian would likely have raised an eyebrow at a term paper submitted by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on the search market.
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Social Networking:

Twitter Reaches 44.5 Million People Worldwide In June (comScore)

7 million new visitors & 44.5 million unique visitors worldwide in June, 2009, according to comScore.
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Using Social Networking To Recruit Talent and Implement Training

Social networking such as Facebook, LinkedIn and others are now being used by recruiters to recruit
talent and implement training.
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New and Delicious: Search, Tweet, and Discover the Freshest Bookmarks

Several enhancements to Delicious that make it easier to find your bookmarks with our improved search
tools, to see the freshest bookmarks on the Web, and to share bookmarks with your friends.

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E.U. Regulators Unlikely to Interfere with Microsoft/Yahoo Deal

Following the confirmation of Microsoft and Yahoo’s eagerly anticipated search partnership last month,
questions have been raised regarding potential anti-trust scrutiny from both U.S. and European

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Around The Web:

London opera house struggles to make tweet music

Britain’s prestigious Royal Opera House has launched a new bid to take high culture to the online masses — by getting
Twitter users to write the lyrics to a new work, line by line.
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Decoding Teen Text Lingo

Keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology can prove challenging. That includes parents learning and
deciphering a language full of abbreviations and symbols used by teens in text messaging.
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