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A Thanks to All!

Exclusive Concepts Inc. was recently included in the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies in America. We’d like to send out a thank you to our clients, our team, and all of our great partners. We’ve worked very hard to invent new methods and technology to help our clients attain a true competitive advantage, and we have a lot more coming soon. We take our commitment to being the leading resource in our field very seriously, and we continue to dedicate ourselves to helping all of our clients grow their revenue, grow their knowledge and do more with less. Thanks again!



Ten Great Ecommerce Ideas for September 2009

Shared, innovative ideas that could help an ecommerce company.

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Web Design Tips: Three Ecommerce Web Design Trends

Like fashion and architecture, web design enjoys an ever changing ebb and flow as trends become popular, become mainstream, and then become passe. To maintain a modern and aesthetically-pleasing look, web designers should examine current trends, estimate their staying power, and implement those techniques that will have the best and longest effects.

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Where’s Your Fortune Cookie Moment?

Businesses can tap the fortune cookie tactic in their own little way to create good feelings and the subsequent word of mouth that comes with a nice little surprise touch.

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The New Marketer’s Toolbox

A rich set of, often free, tools out there now make it much easier to run your business and increase your productivity.

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Global Search Market Draws More than 100 Billion Searches per Month

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world today released a study of the global search market showing that more than 113 billion searches were conducted in July 2009, representing a 41-percent increase versus year ago.

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Blogging for Search Engine Optimization

Search engines like to see you add content to your Web site on a regular basis. Search engines like to see the content themes you create when you blog against assigned categories. Search engines love when you promote this content through social media marketing and you get new visitors and links from these efforts.

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Translate documents: sharing across languages and generations

You can now automatically translate documents into 42 different languages.

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Street View gets down to business

Finding a business with Street View just became easier.

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Social Networking:

Twitter Conferences Continue To Grow

A few months ago we wrote about the growing number of Twitter-focused conferences that are taking place around the world.

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Yahoo Tries To Make Email More Social

Emailing has done little to make communication more expressive. But now Yahoo is trying to make emailing more social.

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Around The Web:

EBay Is Said to Have Deal to Sell Skype

EBay plans to announce on Tuesday a deal to sell its Skype Internet calling division to a group of private investors, according to two people briefed on the company’s plans.

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U.S. Online Video Market Soars in July as Summer Vacation Drives Pickup in Entertainment and Leisure Activities Online

TV Viewers Turn to Internet for Fresh Content with Shows on Summer Hiatus; Hulu Reaches All-Time High with 457 Million Video Views

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