Juicy Links: August 17 – August 21




Ecommerce Know-How: Understanding Brand-Influenced Search Queries

When shoppers navigate to a search engine and begin their queries, they usually have some idea of what they are looking for. In many cases, that initial idea is the result of brand-influence.

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Web Design Tips: Three Ecommerce Web Design Trends

Like fashion and architecture, web design enjoys an ever changing ebb and flow as trends become popular, become mainstream, and then become pass.

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CBS and Pepsi bring video ads to printed page

When some readers of Entertainment Weekly open their magazines next month, they will discover characters from US television programmes speaking to them from a wafer-thin video screen built into the page.

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Combine SEO and Social Media to Generate Web Leads: 5 Steps

Your prospects are using search and social media to evaluate potential vendors. Are you doing enough in those channels to demonstrate your expertise?

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Bing gains a 0.5% sliver of search share in July; Google loses a fraction

Microsoft’s Bing won a tiny fraction of the online search market in July, capturing half a percent of the the pie shared by the “big five” search companies, as Google and Yahoo both donated about 0.3%, according to data from ComScore.

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10 Common SEO Mistakes

One of the biggest challenges in SEO is the ongoing lack of recognition it plays in getting traffic to your Web site.

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Google: Conversion Rates About The Same No Matter Ad Position

Hal Varian, Google’s Chief Economist, posted some pretty interesting details on how the conversion rate of an ad differs based on the position of the ad in Google.

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Google Tops In Search Satisfaction According To Pre-Bing Survey

On an annual basis the University of Michigan puts out the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) E-Business report, sponsored and administered by Foresee Results. Among the things the index examines is consumer satisfaction with search engines.

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Social Networking:

Confirmed: Facebook Expanding Gift Shop to Include Virtual and Physical Goods from Developers

They have covered the evolution of Facebook’s virtual gifts extensively on Inside Facebook over the last couple of years, but tonight we’re hearing that Facebook is about to start testing a major new expansion to the Gift Shop that will integrate items from third party developers.

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Twitter Effect rattles Hollywood

While word of mouth could always make or break a movie, it usually took days to affect the box office. But the rise of social networking tools like Twitter may be narrowing that time frame to mere hours. And that has Hollywood on edge.

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Around The Web:

Mining the Web for Feelings, Not Facts

Computers may be good at crunching numbers, but can they crunch feelings?

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Avoiding Van Halen Fatigue on YouTube

More than 100 million U.S. users watch an average of 68 videos each on YouTube every month, according to comScore.

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