Juicy Links: April 6 – April 10


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The Juice is Loose

In this week’s Juicy Links, among other bits of information, you’ll find that within the next few days Yahoo is updating its algorithm (and thus its search rankings). As to not leave Google out of it, you’ll also find a very informative article on how Google’s algorithm has changed over time and where many believe it stands today. On with the links!



Ecommerce Know How: Setting SMART Goals and Measuring Success

Setting SMART goals means online business owners need a clear understanding of exactly what they want to accomplish and how they will measure those accomplishments. This important practice is covered here.

Is Twitter an Ecommerce Tool?

You betcha! Read some of the most effective ways to use twitter for your business.


Forecast Predicts Internet will be Only Medium to Grow Ad Dollars this Year

While advertising on all other mediums is set to decline, internet marketing continues to grow. This means two things. 1. Online marketing is cost effective and measurable (hence the transition) and 2. With increased growth comes more competition.

There’s More than 2 Ways to Make Money with SEO

SEO isn’t just about ranking for highly searched keywords. SEO helps in nearly every aspect of online business. Here’s a brief overview.


How Google’s Rankings Algorithm Has Changed Over Time

Take a look at one SEO’s view on how the Google ranking algorithm has evolved, and what it now weighs as most important.

Will it Lens?

Nothing ground breaking here; this is just a Google blog post showing some employees having fun on the office roof with a giant lens & sunlight.


Social Networking:

Facebook: 200 Million Strong

According to the Facebook blog, Facebook’s 200 Millionth active user joined the most popular social network in the world. To celebrate, Facebook shows off a world map of its user density and more.

Yahoo’s plan: create community from isolated sites

Yahoo plans to create a social network similar to Facebook by adding new features and components to many of its sites.


Yahoo! Search Index / Ranking Update

According to the official Yahoo! Search Blog: “We’ll be rolling out some changes to our crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms over the next few days and expect the update will be completed soon. As you know, throughout this process you may see some ranking changes and page shuffling in the index.”

Yahoo! Alerts can Send You Text Messages

Yahoo! Alerts is a free notification service that, among other things, can help you keep track of your business reputation and reviews via text message.

Around the Web:

Yelp Will Let Businesses Respond to Web Reviews

Starting next week, Yelp will let small-business owners publicly respond to reviews. This is a big change for the site, which has until now steadfastly refused to give businesses significant access to its pages.