Juicy Links: April 27 – May 1


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Exclusive Concepts on Twitter

Today we are launching a new Twitter account that will be constantly updated with the latest news and information related to online marketing and ecommerce. Think of it as Juicy Links Daily. If you don’t like Twitter, we understand. If you do, you can follow us at www.twitter.com/exclusivetweet. Now, on with the links!


12 Good Ecommerce Resources

This article outlines 12 really useful ecommerce resources with links to all 12.

Slump Means Market Share in Ecommerce

Reuters article covering research that shows at least a third of  e-commerce sellers are taking greater market share amid the economic “slump”. 


4 Ways Customers Can Market for You

How can you get your customers to market for you? This post goes into detail about customer submitted videos, pictures, testimonials and more.

Look to Your Other Opportunities

In addition to your SEO, PPC & email efforts, you should also be looking at other opportunities to generate more revenue. Some of these opportunities are Image Search, Video Search, Local Search, Product Search and News Search.


The Next Development in Search

Wolfram Alpha is a search service being released this month that, depending on who you listen to, will either change the internet forever, or provide another useful research tool.

How to Redesign Your Site’s Images to Attract Relevant Prospects

If your site’s images are not optimized, numerous opportunities to attract visitors are wasted. To be a source of targeted traffic, images first have to be seen by search engines.


New in Labs: Google Search right in Gmail

With the new Google Search experiment in Gmail Labs, you’ll see a new search box on the left side of your Gmail inbox.

Google Call Tracking & Free 800#’s to be Discontinued

If you have been using Google call tracking or one of these free toll-free numbers, make sure to swap them out for new numbers.

Social Networking:

Facebook Opens Site To Developers Of Services

A WSJ article about how Facebook is expected to open up core parts of its sites to third-party developers. The announcement means developers can build services that access the photos, videos, notes and comments users upload to Facebook.

Twitter Search to Become Real Search

The fact that Twitter search is now often faster and more relevant than any other search engine is not a secret anymore. It is, however, a very limited search engine: it merely indexes a bunch of tweets. But now, Twitter search will soon start crawling the links included in tweets.

Around the Web:

Google’s Schmidt and Microsoft’s Mundie Appointed As Obama Tech Advisors


Yahoo Offers Improved Analytics to Advertisers

“If you’re an advertiser in need of some serious analytics, you’ve probably been watching for our Yahoo! Web Analytics enterprise tool—and you’ll be glad to know that it’s now available for free to search and display advertisers supported by a Yahoo! account team.”