Juicy Links: April 13 – April 17


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One two Punch Webinar

Tomorrow – Wednesday, April 22, 2009 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT (Free Sign Up)

One Two Punch is holding their monthly free webinar featuring Scott Smigler of Exclusive Concepts, Eric Young of EY Studios and a special guest. Every month they offer a valuable webinar to online retailers to promote strategic thinking and to share practical knowledge and insights. Don’t miss this one.

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Video Ideas: 4 Ways to Engage Visitors & Increase Sales

Here are four ways your ecommerce business can use video to engage your visitors and increase sales, no matter what business you are in or what type of prospects visit your website.

Paymo: Harnessing a Global Mobile Payments Market

Paymo will allow subscribers to buy from ecommerce merchants by sending a text message through their mobile phones (often in response to a received text message from an ecommerce business). They can also click the Paymo icon on a Web site to add the purchased item to their phone bill. This payment solution makes all mobile phone users potential customers.


How to Rank Well in Google Products Search & a Big List of Places to Get Reviews

This is a “How to” on optimizing your Google Base (shopping) product listings as well as a listing of site which Google is reporting as trusted review sites. This is a very juicy link.

How to Sell Yourself

How do you engage in branding and self-promotion of your business without alienating shoppers who may take offense to things like that? This article offers some good tips.


Google Launches TV Ads Online

Google has announced the beta launch of Google TV Ads Online. This is a new feature of Google TV Ads that lets advertisers place commercials into the ad breaks of TV programs watched online.

Google Gives More Results “SiteLinks”

Sometimes when you’re searching Google, the first result will have several links below the main result pointing towards interior pages of that site. These are called sitelinks. Now, Google is allowing non-first results to have sitelinks, but there are fewer and they appear as one line underneath the result.

Social Networking:

The Fastest Growing Social Sites

Gain insight into the fastest growing social sites so you can plan ahead and develop a following early on.

The 7 Ways to Approach Twitter

You can approach your use of Twitter in a number of different ways. Here’s an explanation of the 7 most common uses for the social network which can give you insight on how to get started (or evolve).


Report: Yahoo Top Search Performer on Mobile Web

A report has come out that rates mobile sites across several verticals according to how well they perform on the mobile internet. Yahoo came out on top (which is an incentive to still pay strong attention to your Yahoo rankings as more people using mobile devices may opt to use Yahoo).

Yahoo / Microsoft Reported Actively Talking on Ad Deal

“Microsoft and Yahoo have been busily ferreting away on talks about search and advertising partnership possibilities in what one person close to the situation described as “hot and heavy.” 

Around the Web:

Google Goes Live with News Timeline & Similar Images

Using Similar Images, you can now find images that look like an existing result simply by clicking on a link. Google News Timeline organizes information chronologically by presenting results from Google News and other data sources on a zoomable, graphical timeline. News Timeline can be utilized by business owners who have the ability to regularly provide updates on products, industry happenings, offerings etc.